Discover the capabilities of the new Chapter 13 Plan Tracker. Seamlessly integrated with the National Data Center (NDC), this innovative tool empowers you to efficiently monitor and manage every aspect of your chapter 13 cases, from filing to discharge.

The Chapter 13 Plan Tracker enables you to:
– Identify cases where clients have missed or partially fulfilled Trustee payments, allowing for proactive resolution before dismissal motions, protecting your interests and reducing fee-related risks.
– Track all installment and lump sum payments to ensure debtors comply with the confirmed plan.
– View Trustee-disbursed attorney fees to date compared to scheduled amounts in the plan and access scheduled attorney fee payments for accurate monthly Trustee disbursement forecasts.
– Streamline post-confirmation plan modifications under § 1329, using a calculator that quickly computes viable changes based on data from your Best Case file and NDC records.

Recorded March 24, 2021

Tech Talk – Learn answers to frequently asked technical support questions:

  • How do I update? How often should I update?
  • Update failed; what do I do now?
  • I can’t update even though all users are out of Best Case, what do I do?
  • I updated and can’t see my clients, now what?
  • How do I backup my clients?
  • How do I move a BC install to a new computer?
  • Can I use Best Case with Dropbox?
  • How do I email a client file? / How do I restore a client that was emailed?
  • How do I copy a client?
  • Is there a way to email a proof of my petition to my clients?
  • Do you have a client questionnaire I can print out and had to my clients?
  • Where do I enter EIN info?
  • Is there a way to link multiple properties to a creditor?
  • How do I get addresses to appear on certificate of service?
  • Is there a way to manually edit a form?
  • Does BC have spell check?
  • How do I attach multiple income and expense worksheets to Sch I or J?
  • Why isn’t my Schedule I data appearing in Form 122 and vice versa?
  • I can’t edit any income data in the Means Test, why not?
  • Form 122 told me I was $XX over abuse. I put in an amount greater than $xx and I’m still over abuse.
  • Only half of my means test is completed. Why?
  • How do I calculate the 13 plan?
  • I calculated the 13 plan and the monthly payment is really high. Why?
  • How do I change the trustee’s percentage on the 13 plan?
  • What classification should I select on the 13 plan?

Recorded July 6, 2023

Simplify the complex process of generating a feasible Chapter 13 plan by utilizing the integrated calculator.

Learn how to:
• Assign treatment classifications to correctly calculate claims
• Determine plan payments, factoring in term and unsecured non-priority debt
• Utilize local plans and manual editing options to customize for your firm

Access detailed data maps for each jurisdiction that provide a quick reference on how to classify claims to get them to appear in the correct section of the plan.
For a step-by-step overview of the Chapter 13 Plan workflow, read our Master the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator in 5 Steps blog.

Learn how to properly assign Chapter 13 Plan treatment classifications so your claims are calculated and paid correctly through the Chapter 13 Plan. Discover how Chapter 13 Plan Data Maps assist with selecting the correct classification so your claims appear under specific sections of the plan.

Discover how to access additional data-entry fields on the creditor and plan calculator windows that populate into the plan. Customize Chapter 13 Plan provisions for each individual client.

Use the Chapter 13 Plan calculator to figure out feasible plan payments based on term length and distribution to unsecured general non-priority claims. Easily perform complex calculations for regular or step plans.

Learn how to specify special formatting options for select forms and schedules. Often available for Chapter 13 Plans, form preferences can contain options to round calculations or include/exclude special provisions or sections.

Learn how to manually edit a form using the Best Case Editor. This built-in work processor is ideal for text or formatting changes, and contains additional tools such as spell check and word count.

Recorded December 21, 2018

Review the steps to successfully prepare a Chapter 13 plan using Best Case.

Learn the 6Cs of using the Best Case 13 Plan Calculator

  • Classify your claims
  • Custom local plan treatment & plan info buttons
  • Calculate the plan
  • Customize form preferences
  • Custom edit
  • Court Notice management